Compliance Hotline for Reporting Violations or Concerns

As stated in the university’s code of conduct, each university community member is expected to report actual or suspected violations of laws, regulations, or university policies or procedures, or other suspected wrongdoings that come to their attention, including violations of ethical and professional standards. Managers have a special duty to recognize violations.

Washington University in St. Louis is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct and maintains a Compliance Hotline, 314-362-4998, to provide members of the university community a means to confidentially and anonymously, if desired, report concerns or suspected violations of the university’s code of conduct that come to their attention.

The code of conduct states the ethical and legal standards that must guide decisions and actions of university community members. Examples of violations that should be reported include suspected cases of fraud, violations of governmental regulations, violations of university policies and ethics violations.

Calls to the hotline are anonymous unless the caller wishes to leave his/her contact information. The hotline has no caller or calling number identification. Calls should be made in good faith and not be frivolous in nature.

There are different ways to report a violation or discuss a concern:

  • You may report violations or concerns to your immediate supervisor or department head, if appropriate.
  • You may call the individual responsible for the related compliance area. A list of these individuals appears in the Procedures for Reporting Violations and Concerns section of the code of conduct.
  • You may call the anonymous Compliance Hotline at 314-362-4998. Calls to the Hotline are handled and investigated by the University Compliance Office, with assistance from other areas as needed.
  • You may complete and submit the anonymous written Reporting Form to the University Compliance Office for investigation.
  • You may call or email the University Compliance Office at 314-362-4915 or However, these are not anonymous reporting methods.

The code of conduct also contains a Question and Answer section, including Hotline topics.

Questions about the hotline or the code of conduct may be directed to the University Compliance Office at 314-362-4915.