Washington University in St. Louis has established the University Compliance Office, reporting to the chancellor and to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. This office monitors and coordinates the university’s many existing compliance efforts, assesses university-wide performance and provides senior leadership and the audit committee with an independent, comprehensive view of the university’s compliance activities.

The university’s many area-specific compliance offices are subject matter experts and report to various members of senior administration, as appropriate. The university is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct, and intends to operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and policies.

For more information on internal audits, visit Washington University’s Internal Audit site.

What is the University Compliance Program?

The Washington University Compliance Program is the expression of a commitment by Washington University in St. Louis to carry out its educational, research and health care activities in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and with the highest integrity.

According to federal government guidelines, an adequate compliance program includes:

  • A resolution of the Board of Trustees establishing high standards of corporate integrity;
  • A code of conduct informing employees of laws and regulations applicable to their activities and setting forth the institution’s specific compliance expectations of its employees;
  • Specific employee training and compliance monitoring operations;
  • Protocols and resources for investigating instances of potentially unlawful conduct.

Washington University’s Board of Trustees approved the establishment of the Washington University Compliance Program and a University Compliance Office in April 2000.

A code of conduct was then developed with input from many members of the university community, and issued to university community members in April 2002.

Three full-time compliance auditors perform proactive and investigational (as needed) compliance audits. The results of compliance audits are incorporated in formal compliance training programs that are being developed or refined.

Washington University’s Code of Conduct

To report patient matters or patient concerns, please call 314-867-3627 or complete the form on the following site: https://physiciansforms.wustl.edu/contact-us/

To report human resources policy violations or concerns about your workplace, contact the HR Confidential Concern Portal. Access the HR Confidential Concern Portal online or via phone at 1-844-484-5957.  It is administered by NAVEX Global and is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are more than 75 language options available. Concerns can be reported anonymously through the HR Confidential Concerns Portal.

To report other suspected compliance violations or concerns, submit an online report or call the compliance hotline at 314-362-4998. Callers may remain anonymous.