This code applies to the following members of the Washington University in St. Louis community:

  • Individuals who are paid by Washington University when they are working for the University—this category includes faculty and staff;
  • Consultants, vendors, and contractors when they are doing business with the University; and
  • Individuals who perform services for the university as volunteers.

The Code of Conduct refers to all these persons collectively as “members of the University community” or “community members.”

Integrity and Ethical Conduct

Washington University is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct as an integral part of its mission, the promotion of learning. To achieve this goal, the University relies on each community member’s ethical behavior, honesty, integrity, and good judgment. Each community member should demonstrate respect for the rights of others. Each community member is accountable for their actions.

This Code of Conduct describes standards to guide us in our daily University activities, standards we believe are already being followed

Compliance with Laws and University Policies

The University and each community member must transact University business in compliance with all laws, regulations, and University policies related to their positions and areas of responsibility. Managers and supervisors are responsible for teaching and monitoring compliance in their areas.