University Compliance

Procedures for reporting violations or concerns

Procedures for reporting violations or concerns

The university's compliance effort focuses mainly on teaching members of the university community the appropriate compliance standards for the areas in which they work. Nevertheless, violations may occur. In addition, members of the university community may have concerns about matters that they are not sure represent violations. This section describes community members' responsibilities for reporting violations or concerns, and how these responsibilities may be carried out.

Each community member is expected to report violations or concerns about violations of this Code of Conduct that come to his/her attention. Managers have a special duty to adhere to the standards set forth in this Code of Conduct, to recognize violations and to enforce the standards. Disciplinary actions for proven violations of this Code, or for retaliation against anyone who reports possible violations, will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may include termination of employment. Individuals who violate the Code may also be subject to civil and criminal charges in some circumstances.

How to Report a Violation or Discuss a Concern

You may report violations or concerns to your immediate supervisor or department head, if appropriate. You may also call the University Compliance Hotline at the number established for this purpose: (314) 362-4998. Reports may be made anonymously to this number, if the caller so desires. This telephone line has no caller identification or number recognition.

The Online Reporting Form can also be used to report violations or concerns.

For matters dealing with one of the specific areas below, you may call the number indicated, or you may call the University Compliance Office at (314) 362-4909.

Animal Care Issues
Dr. Jennifer Lodge, Vice Chancellor for Research
(314) 747-0515

Computer Use & Security Policies
Kevin Hardcastle, Chief Information Security Officer
(314) 935-7986

Denise Hirschbeck, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Information Services & Technology
(314) 935-5320

Michael Caputo, Asst. Dean-Chief Information Office, Medical Computing Services
(314) 747-4343

Conflict of Interest Issues - Research
Jenny Lodge, Vice Chancellor for Research
(314) 362-7010

Conflict of Interest - Procurement
Alan Kuebler, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Resource Mgt.
(314) 935-5727

Environmental Health and Safety
Bruce Backus, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health & Safety
(314) 362-6816

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Issues
Sondra Hornsey, Privacy Officer
(314) 747-4975

Kevin Hardcastle, Information Security Officer
(314) 362-0735

Human Studies
Jenny Lodge, Vice Chancellor for Research
(314) 362-7010

Barbara Feiner, Vice Chancellor for Finance & CFO
(314) 935-9018

Human Resources/Personnel Issues
Danforth Campus, West Campus, North Campus
Lorraine Goffe-Rush, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
(314) 935-7746

Medical School
(Legail Chandler, Director- Medical School Human Resources
(314) 362-4900

Physician and Medical Professional Billing
Jane Ditch, Director of Physician Billing Compliance
(314) 747-7660

Research Financial Management
Jenny Lodge, Vice Chancellor for Research
(314) 362-7010

Research Integrity
Jenny Lodge, Vice Chancellor for Research
(314) 362-7010

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